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Top 10 Father’s Day Gifts

June 12, 2020 | somebody

When your love language is gifting and acts of service, any chance to give gifts is exciting. But for many of us fathers day is a tough gifting holiday, including myself. It’s like we all want to spoil our fathers, but ask the same question – what the heck do we get them?

Lucky for you we’ve put some thought into this and compiled a list of 10 gifts we believe your dad is bound to love.


1.Truff hot sauce

If they like hot sauce and like the more refined things in life, this world-renowned black truffle hot sauce is a real winner. We put this on everything from breakfast sandwiches to mac & cheese.


2.CBD Truffles

These hand made truffles are sure to help your dad chill while enjoying a something devilishly delicious! With 12mg of CBD each you can’t go wrong with a box of 6, or get the box of 12 which also comes with a free CBD lip balm.



Does your dad love fancy cheese, pastured raised meats, heirloom mushrooms or fresh veggies? Community-supported agriculture or “CSA” boxes are a great way to support local farmers and get amazingly fresh and delicious foods.

 4. Living Composter

Let’s face it – being green is really cool and composting is one of the greatest sustainable things you can do. This design-forward worm farm also allows you to grow plants and is completely odorless. Plus it’s a fun conversation piece and project.

5. Snake Plant

These plants are almost impossible to kill and can be found at any plant store. They’re great to put anywhere in your home and don’t need much light.


6. Athlete Roller

For all of their aches, pains and sore muscles. This one tingles so they’l really feel it!


7. Catan

This cult favorite strategy game (a favorite amongst us at Shea Brand) is perfect for the whole family. Once you’ve mastered the original Catan you can add expansion packs and get a new challenge.


8. Bidet

The gift that keeps on giving. In Japan they’ve long been bathroom staples and they’re quite honestly life changing.

9. CBD Bath Bombs

When I asked my brother who will be celebrating his first fathers day what the most perfect fa-thers day gift I couldn’t have anticipated his answer. I thought for sure he was going to throw at me some cool new gadget, but with a tinkle in his eye, he let me know that he had been dream-ing of a nice relaxing bath. Everyone deserves some TLC and gifting these CBD bath bombs are like giving someone “me time,” so it’s particularly good to get for those who are busy.

10. The best socks money can buy

Socks are the type of thing no one really wants to buy for themselves so getting nice socks as a gift is always a treat. We are obsessed with these ones from Bombas – they come in lots of different colors and patterns so you’re sure to find the perfect pair for your dad.


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