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10 thoughtful eco friendly gifts for mothers day 2018

May 3, 2018 | Faye Lessler

Mothers inspire us. They are our protectors, our role models, the steady rock we turn to when life presents us with twists and turns. Our mother’s are the warriors who brought us into this world with the type of strength and love that leaves us in awe. Beneath their fierce tenacity they have never-ending patience for raising us and supporting us as we stumble through life, and boy are we glad that they do – because where would we be without them?

With Mother’s Day coming up we are reminded of just how compassionate, beautiful, smart, and strong our own mothers are and we can’t help but think that they deserve more than just the one day a year to celebrate how incredible they truly are. We couldn’t bear the thought of showing up on mom’s doorstep with any old generic gift or a card from the corner store, so we went searching for the perfect presents to show just how much our mom’s are loved and appreciated. You won’t find any chocolate produced by child-labor, garments made by mistreated women workers, or pesticide-laden bouquets in this gift guide. Instead, discover lovingly-crafted items, consciously curated experiences, and thoughtful ideas on how to shower your mom with love and adoration this Mother’s Day. Because mom deserves nothing but the best.

1. Get or make a beautiful card. Many moms are sweet in that they’ll always hang onto your cards no matter how silly or hideous they may be – but that doesn’t mean that any old card is OK. Skip Hallmark this year and opt instead for a cool, plantable seed card, especially if your mom is into gardening. If she’s not, you can always make your own card with illustrations, painted colors, or a poem to give it that special touch.

2. Bring a bouquet of local flowers. Local flowers may be a tad more expensive but they smell and look more fresh and are much less likely to be laced with pesticides or other chemical residues brought along from far away flower farms. Instead, try typing your mom’s zip code into Slow Flowers for a locally-sourced bouquet!

3. Make her breakfast in bed. This classic gesture will surprise moms who are normally responsible for getting everyone else out of bed and encourage her to take it easy on this special day. If your mom isn’t big on eating in bed (we get it, there are crumbs) then take a meal on the go for a picnic in the park instead. Either way, don’t forget to splurge on mom’s favorite foods and a celebratory beverage, too

4. Fair trade, artisan-made chocolate is best. Rather than going to the drugstore along with everyone else for a boring, commercial Mother’s Day token, try buying chocolate at local coffee shops and markets. Chocolate always makes a wonderful gift, and a box of unique truffles made by hand in your city is sure to wow much more than the generic stuff would. Plus, we’re sure your mom would appreciate that you’re supporting a local maker!

5. Books that celebrate and empower women make a great gift for feminist moms. Has she been burning bras and fighting the good fight since 1967? Or maybe she’s a more recent addition to the struggle for women’s rights? Either way we have a feeling she’ll love reading up on The Women’s March movement or any of these books that feminists can’t put down.

6. Jewelry made by women is a wonderful way to bring some sparkle into your mom’s life. If she’s a fan of jewelry and accessories she’ll love receiving some that are made by fairly-paid and well-treated women, wherever in the world they may be. We love the modern, minimalist jewelry that’s made by Kenyan artisans over at Soko and there’s something for everyone’s style in Artisan & Fox’s global marketplace.

7. Ethically and naturally made clothing is another great option. Don’t drag mom down with fast fashion trends that are cheap and exploitative, instead tell her how much she means to you by spending a bit on something unique that tells a story. Vestment robes are luscious, versatile, and handmade in Brooklyn. Vincetta clothing will make her feel amazing inside and out with silky, flattering silhouettes that are made in the US. If you don’t want to get into any trouble with fit or flattery, go for something small but special like a sleep mask from Earthen Warrior.

8. Book a day at the spa for ample pampering and bonding time with mom. Massages, facials, a steam and some good relaxation are sure to make mom feel special, especially if she gets to indulge alongside her favorite kid.

9. A stay-at-home spa station is also a great option for mom’s who like a little DIY or if she would prefer to stay at home and hang with the entire family versus going out to the spa. Make this the type of gift that keeps giving by putting together a full kit – a mud mask, a calming bath soak, essential oils for aromatherapy, shea butter, and a yummy candle are all you need to make sure mom is well taken care of.

10. Get outside, go on a hike, or plant in the garden together with mom. If she likes being outdoors and getting her hands dirty, your mom will love doing those things together with her family even more. Plan a mystery hike nearby, take her on a walking tour of your city, or bring over some bulbs, seeds, and a good pair of jeans to spend the day with her in the garden.

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