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Struggling With Anxiety: Five Natural Ways to Improve Anxiety

June 14, 2019 | sheabrand

I have only had three anxiety attacks in my entire life, and one of them was last week. These moments make me empathize with those who suffer from anxiety on a daily basis, and also makes me want to take a step back and think about what I can do to take regular care of my mental health to better mitigate anxiety and promote wellbeing.

At Shea Brand, we believe that leaning in to self-care and self-love is a great way of dealing with anxiety and supporting our own happiness.
We know that everyone experiences anxiety differently – for some lucky people, they may never experience it severely, but for others, anxiety can be a constant presence in their lives. No matter who you are or what your mental health experience may be, we believe that anyone can benefit from a few mindfulness hacks that may help in dealing with anxiety. These simple tips have helped me support healthfulness across all areas in my life. Wherever you land with anxiety, these five “hacks” can help keep you clear and grounded, mind, body, and soul:

1. Get outside
There’s a growing body of research (we love this article from Outside!) suggesting that spending time outside helps with anxiety. Getting away from hectic urban life and letting your brain reset in the quiet peacefulness of nature is beneficial in many ways, and it can help you develop a much greater appreciation for and connection to this wonderful planet that we live on.

2. Connect breath to movement (or stillness!)

How to ground yourself? Often, using your breath to power your movement – as many who do yoga, rock climbing, running, or dancing know and practice – can help to ground you to make you more present. Breathing in tune with your body’s movements forces your brain to slow down and focus inwards. Meditation has also been shown to have positive effects on mental health, and it’s an easy habit to pick up for whenever you have some free time during your busy day. I like to take advantage of meditation apps that encourage me to meditate and increase my meditation time each day – here’s a Women’s Health list of some of those apps!

3. Disconnect from technology

We are surrounded by “urgent” notifications – on our computers, our watches, our phones. Constantly trying to keep up can get to be too much, which is why turning everything off and taking some time for yourself is extremely important. To encourage a healthier relationship with notifications and devices, put your devices in another room while you read or leave them at home while you go on a walk to be more present with something you enjoy.

4. Define self-care for yourself

Self-care means something different to everyone, and for me it means an intentional routine for taking care of my skin and body. Here at Shea Brand we believe that the right products can empower you to feel more comfortable and confident in your own skin. But it’s not just about finding the right products, it’s about defining what makes your body feel healthy and your mind feel peaceful and happy. Discover what works for you when it comes to improving your mental health and anxiety! A routine that fosters a healthy diet, healthy skin, and balanced energy takes being in touch with your unique body and mind, and consciously making the time to take care of yourself.

5. Talk it out

Whether it’s with friends, a journal, or a therapist, expressing what’s on your mind is a great way to reduce anxiety. Studies have shown that sometimes just talking about your problems can actually can actually make them less stressful, and it also opens you up to help from your friends or a professional. You never know what kind of experience or advice they might be able to share to help you better handle your own anxiety.

What anxiety hacks work for you? What is self-care to you? Singing loudly? Tuning in? We’d love to hear from you in the comment section!

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