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Five Tips to Treat a Sunburn

August 15, 2019 | sheabrand

We’ve all been there. You got excited about going to the beach/pool/park/mountains, and you accidentally forgot to apply (or re-apply) your sunscreen. Whoops!

We can totally relate to the constant battle between wanting to protect your skin and wanting to enjoy the sunny weather. But that ‘burnt-to-a-crisp’ sensation that is a sunburn is actually super damaging to the long-term health of your skin. When we are exposed to too many UV rays from the sun, our skin loses some of its elasticity, plumpness, and its ability to repair itself quickly. If we experience a lot of sun damage when we are younger, we will see more wrinkling, sagging, and spots later on in life.

While we don’t see any problem with aging skin, we do prefer to keep our skin as healthy as possible! So we’ve put together some tips for sunburn prevention as well as sunburn relief – because we get that sometimes you need to do damage control after a great day spent outside 😉

Check out our five tips on how to treat a sunburn and how best to prevent it from happening in the first place!

1. Preventing a sunburn
Obviously, the best way to protect your skin from UV rays and long term damage is to wear sunscreen in the first place. We love Meow Meow TweetCoolaSupergoop!, and Raw Elements because they all have mineral sunscreen options that don’t harm coral reefs. You can also prevent a sunburn by staying indoors during the hottest part of the day (12-4pm), seeking shade, and wearing protective clothing like hats and long, light layers.

2. How to get relief from redness, pain, and itching
The first thing you need if you’ve let the sun turn you into a lobster, is relief. The best quick sunburn cure we can recommend are our hydrosols and witch hazels because they are cooling, hydrating, and contain beneficial plant molecules to help soothe inflammation (aka fight the redness, pain, and itching!). Our Cucumber Hydrosol and our Lavender Witch Hazel are great for instant relief from a sunburn! Our CBD transdermal patches can also help  with sunburn relief. Whatever you do, avoid hot showers as they will only further irritate the burned area.

3. Nourish & moisturize your skin
Once your skin has cooled down a little bit, it will need to be moisturized so that it can get to work repairing itself. Aloe is most often used for this, but shea butter is another excellent tool for moisturizing and nourishing damaged skin, and if you only have a minor burn, it can help to prevent peeling as well. Our Lavender or Rose shea butter blends are our favorite for nourishing a sunburn as they combine the deeply moisturizing powers of shea butter with the healing and soothing effects of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial essential oils. If you have sunburnt lips, our CBD Lip Balm is great for moisturizing and healing that sensitive area, too!

4. Repair damaged skin

Once your skin is thoroughly moisturized, it can start to get rid of dead, damaged cells in order to make room for new ones. The sunburnt skin cells will start to fall away (aka peel) as younger, newer skin cells move to the surface to repair your skin’s natural protective barrier. We highly recommend our CBD Natural Pain Reliever to help encourage healthy skin cell growth while fighting off pain and inflammation at the same time. We also like to take the CBD Full Spectrum Oil Drops as a natural internal booster to encourage skin cells to regenerate and reduce itchy inflammation.

5. Hydration is key
Did you know that a sunburn dehydrates you? Yep, the damaged surface of your skin sends signals to the body to send fluid there, where it evaporates away from your body.Staying hydrated is essential for restoring your skin to full health by replenishing your internal fluids. 8 full glasses of water per day is recommended regardless of your skin condition, but it’s especially important when your skin is healing from a sunburn!

While we love to provide you with these natural remedies for soothing a sunburn, we want to stress that severe burns may require a dermatologist’s attention. If you are experiencing unbearable pain or blistering, call a professional – just to be on the safe side.

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