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Everything You Need to Know About Electric Daisy, AKA Natural Botox

October 18, 2019 | sheabrand

Skincare has become an essential and sacred ritual in our lives
 for a plethora of reasons, but the most potent one is this: healthy skin makes us feel confident and beautiful. It’s not about looking perfect or “fixing” your skin, but about embracing your body and feeling comfortable in your own skin.

There are endless skincare products out there that promise to deliver radiant and youthful skin, but the truth is that healthy skin is gorgeous skin. That’s why we always work with raw, effective plant extracts to infuse your skincare routine with natural ingredients that heal and regenerate. Our new line of facial care products are no exception.

The Electric Daisy + CBD facial care products are designed to keep your skin resilient and full of vitality while keeping your routine simple and natural. Electric Daisy – also known as Spilanthes, toothache plant, or Sichuan buttons – is a powerful anti-inflammatory that stimulates the nerves in your skin to produce a tightening effect. This medicinal flower has been referred to as a “natural BotoxⓇ” because it replenishes structures in our skin that are naturally lost as we age and are exposed to the elements.

When mixed with CBD and our intricate blends of supporting natural ingredients, Electric Daisy makes for an excellent tool for skincare. The ED + CBD Face Mask, Exfoliant, and Serum are all easy to use, give you a luxurious self-care experience, and work to smooth, balance, hydrate, and brighten your face.

What is Electric Daisy and where does it come from? 

Electric Daisy is an edible herb that produces small flowers in the summer. It originates in Brazil and its scientific name is Acmella Oleracea – but this plant goes by many names. Electric Daisy has been coined as “the toothache plant” due to the tingling sensation it delivers to the teeth and gums when chewed. The edible flowers are incredibly potent and have been used medicinally for years to treat gum inflammation. While it has mainly been used to combat toothaches and add unique flavors to salads and cocktails, Electric Daisy is a powerful source of rejuvenation for the largest organ on our body… the skin!

Why should I use Electric Daisy in my skincare routine? 

When applied topically, Electric Daisy works to tighten the skin and improve elasticity. The anti-inflammatory effect soothes agitation and reduces redness, swelling and breakouts. The herbal properties of the flower provide a rich source of antioxidants and essential cell membrane support, which helps to plump up skin cells and reduce laugh lines, crows feet, or wrinkles.

Electric Daisy also works to improve skin pigmentation by brightening and evening skin tone, healing damaged areas, and encouraging new cell growth and collagen production. This botanical super ingredient has the power to transform your skin and facilitate radical healing from the outside in.

Somebody has launching three highly potent Electric-Daisy-infused products; a face mask, an exfoliant, and a day serum. All three are regenerative and work together to give your skin new life. The mask draws dirt and oils from the skin, the exfoliant uses volcanic rock to remove dead skin and even skin tone, and the daily serum hydrates and enriches the skin with vitamins and minerals.

With so much out there it can be overwhelming to know what to add to your skincare routine. Keeping it minimal with nutrient dense products will help you eliminate extra steps and give your skin everything it needs quickly.


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