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Shea Brand’s 22 Best CBD and Hemp-Themed Gifts To Help Everyone On Your Christmas List Chill Out

December 5, 2019 | Faye Lessler

The holidays (and life) can be stressful—and according to the NY Post, at least 31% of Americans agree with that statement. But CBD can help take the stress out of the holidays.

CBD products make perfect gifts for pretty much everyone. It’s a non-psychoactive, 100% natural compound that helps the body and mind find balance and homeostasis. In many cases  can help to relieve stress and anxiety, boost your mood, encourage healthy digestion, and reduce pain or muscle tension.

Hemp products are also great for encouraging self-care because hemp fiber makes for a super-soft, durable, and eco-friendly material. It’s also regenerative and detoxifying for contaminated soils, leaving them more fertile than they were before.

Here are 22 of our favorite CBD and hemp gifts that your friends & family will love:

  1. CBD Bath Bombs for your aunt who works so hard and deserves to take a night off and chill out.

  2. Get Potli’s CBD Infused Honey and a box of herbal tea is the perfect relaxing set for your tea-loving mom.

  3. A box of luxurious hemp CBD bon-bons from To Whom It May. We love that you get to hand-pick from four artful chocolate flavors to create a special box for someone you love.

  4. hemp scrunchie from Jungmaven is perfect for the hip teen you know.

  5. If your niece just started their period, a CBD Menstrual Roller is a useful and stylish gift, too.

  6. Greater Goods Coffee Crunch CBD Chocolate Bar for the coffee-obsessed.

  7. Shea Brand’s Electric Daisy + CBD Face Trio to encourage your sister’s diligent skincare routine.

  8. The Levo II for the home cook who loves to experiment with new flavors.

  9. A Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture is the perfect gift for anyone struggling with anxiety, stress, inflammation, or general pain. Or get it for yourself to help you through the holiday season.

  10. Bloom Farms CBD Mint Mini Vape is also great for a friend who struggles with anxiety—it’s conveniently discreet so they can use it anywhere, anytime.

  11. This Cinnamon Citrus Shrub by Monk would be perfect for anyone in your life who loves a holiday cocktail with a twist.

  12. And mocktail lovers will enjoy Aurora Elixirs lightly herbaceous sparkling sodas with 15mg of relaxing CBD.

  13. Shea Brand’s CBD Multifunctional Balm is the perfect place to start with your woo-woo aunt who is into wellness and herbal remedies and might be curious about CBD’s benefits.

  14. The Kush candle by Boy Smells to encourage your favorite homebody’s self-care routine.

  15. Jungmaven also makes these sweet tie-dye tees and socks that are great for all of your cool cousins.

  16. And this durable hemp canvas blanket will keep your camping-obsessed friend warm under the starry sky.

  17. Get Potli’s Hemp CBD Olive Oil will be much appreciated by your foodie friend.

  18. For your bestie who writes about and loves the world of cannabis, get them a subscription to Broccoli Magazine.

  19. If you have a friend who cares deeply about cannabis justice reform, then they’ll be pleased by a subscription and a donation to Word on the Tree.

  20. Organic cotton and hemp make for especially cozy loungewear—like these pants and this dress (with pockets!) from BackBeat Rags.

  21. Shea Brand’s CBD Athlete Roller is the perfect gift for your workout buddy.

  22. Take your friend who won’t stop talking about farming to an event at Hudson Hemp farms in Upstate NY.

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