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The Best Gifts of 2019 For Your Family & Friends Based On Their Horoscope

December 5, 2019 | sheabrand

This year, turn to the stars for gifting inspiration. Astrology lovers know that your best friend’s horoscope holds layers of information about their personality, needs, and attributes that will not only unlock a goldmine of gift ideas, but could also reveal a better understanding of how they best communicate and show up in their relationships.

To assist with the process of astrology gift-finding, we’ve broken down the major personality traits of each sign, and rounded up the best gifts to get your friends and family based on their horoscope!


Element: Fire

Symbol: Ram

Planetary ruler: Mars

Ruled by Mars and driven by their inner fire, Aries’ youthful enthusiasm and energy are unparalleled. These bold trendsetters have high passions and even higher tempers, but you’ll never be bored with them. Your Aries nephew or daughter-in-law is sure to appreciate experiences over things, gifts that literally make them stand out in the crowd, or anything that helps to heal heal their tired minds & muscles from always being active. Even if they don’t make time for it themselves, self-care is important for these high-functioning rams.

Gift ideas for Aries or Aries rising:

  • Any of the red lip shades from RMS Beauty to help their look really pop!

  • Shea Brand’s CBD Athlete Roller can help soothe their well-worked muscles.

  • Tickets to an upcoming music festival is an experience your Aries friend will love.


Element: Earth

Symbol: Bull

Planetary ruler: Venus

Slow and steady, determined and low-key, the way these gentle bulls enjoy life with all five senses is truly admirable. They’re one of the hardest working signs, which is perhaps the reason why they love to be cozy and domestic. The best gift for your Taurus auntie will be something that adds to their comfy home vibes—but beware, it might make it harder than ever to convince them to leave their home for a night out!

Gift ideas for Taurus or Taurus rising:


Element: Air

Symbol: Twins

Planetary ruler: Mercury

Who can keep up with Gemini’s quick wit and effervescent spirit? The multi-tasker of the zodiac, Gemini minds run a mile a minute, so they’ll appreciate anything thought-provoking and conversation starting! These fun and funny people thrive on variety, so a mix-n-match set is a cute way of feeding into their love of mixing it up.

Gift ideas for Gemini or Gemini rising:

  • A gift card to Rent the Runway is an environmentally friendly for your Gemini sister to try new trends and mix up her style.

  • Our Shea Butter Gift Set comes with four luxurious scented shea butter blends, perfect for any Gemini interested in aromatherapy or skincare!

  • thought-provoking journal is perfect for helping them record their excited thoughts and dreams.


Element: Water

Symbol: Crab

Planetary ruler: The moon

Sentimental and deep-feeling, Cancers are the mothers of the zodiac. They love pampered coziness, inside jokes, and sweet personal memories. Your Cancer grandmother or BFF will appreciate something thoughtful, handmade, and affectionate. Play to their sentimental side with a DIY gift or a special something that only you would know to get them.

Gifts for Cancer or Cancer rising:

  • Melt their heart with a 3D shadow memory box with personalized photos & sacred objects inside.

  • handcrafted shawl provides warmth and a sweet story about artisan crafts.

  • simple photo album full of your favorite memories together is a sweet way to say I love and cherish you.


Element: Fire

Symbol: Lion

Planetary ruler: The sun

When a Leo enters the room, you can’t help it; you’re going to stop and stare. These charismatic lions have big personalities, yes, but they have even bigger hearts. For this regal sign, your Leo cousin will love something that appeals to their natural star quality or anything that enhances & appreciates their high-kilowatt inner—and outer—glow.

Gifts for Leo or Leo rising:


Element: Earth

Symbol: Virgin

Planetary ruler: Mercury

Virgo’s are driven, practical, and pure of spirit. Your detail-oriented Virgo best friend is probably highly efficient and won’t quit unless things are done just right. They adore gifts that are both pretty and practical—think good-vibe attracting crystals, hand-crafted baskets for organizing all of their odds-and-ends, or anything that makes their lives a little more efficient. On the flip side, I also recommend reminding these lovely worker bees to indulge in self-care and chill time!

Gifts for Virgo or Virgo rising:


Element: Air

Symbol: Scales

Planetary ruler: Venus

Libras love to be loved, and it would be hard not to love anyone ruled by this charming, irresistible sign! They’re the natural diplomats of the zodiac, adept at smoothing over conflicts and balancing the good vibes. Libras are all about high quality aesthetics—in objects, home decor, and experiences. This sign also rules partnerships, so the best gift for your Libra sibling might just be a gift for the both of you. Try a class together, getting matching art for you both to enjoy, or anything that adds healing and loving vibes to their beauty routine.

Gifts for Libra or Libra rising:

  • Our Lavender Witch Hazel spray is perfect for displaying on their dresser and bringing good vibes to their home.

  • Book a natural dye class, a sip n’ paint session, or a macrame workshop for the both of you to enjoy together.

  • An engravable bracelet leaves you with options for adding your names together, a quote that signifies your relationship, or simply their initials to let them know that they are special to you.


Element: Water

Symbol: Scorpion

Planetary ruler: Pluto

Passionate and magnetic, it’s hard to resist the allure of Scorpios. These signs are known to be intense, but they can’t help it if curiosity drives them to the deepest depths of their souls! Indulge your favorite Scorpio by getting in touch with their sexy side—a known characteristic of this smoldering sign. Or conversely, give them something that serves as a gentle reminder to not be so hard on themselves as the most meaningful personal growth takes time.

Gifts for Scorpio or Scorpio rising:

  • Our CBD Bath Bombs invite your Scorpio lover to get sensual and relaxed.

  • Any of the ergonomic vibrators by Dame Products are great for reminding your Scorpio soul sister that she is a goddess worthy of all the self-love and pleasure.

  • Know Yourself cards are great for scorpions looking to dive even deeper into their souls.


Element: Fire

Symbol: Centaur

Planetary ruler: Jupiter

The adventurer and philosopher of the zodiac, Sagittarius’ are on constant quest. Much like their mutable siblings, Virgo and Pisces, they’re chameleon-like, able to adjust to any social setting, but it can be hard to keep up with this exuberant sign. These adventurous centaurs are always seeking the next experience, so encourage that curiosity and sense of fun in their gift! Give your Sag sister anything that tickles their funny bone, helps them on their quest for a stamp-filled passport, or has the element of surprise.

Gifts for Sagittarius or Sagittarius rising:

  • Cards Against Humanity set is sure to make them laugh.

  • CBD Balm that replaces multiple products in their travel toiletries kit.

  • Your Sagittarius sister is sure to appreciate a convenient insulated mug that they can use in their daily lives as well as during their travels.


Element: Earth

Symbol: Sea Goat

Planetary ruler: Saturn

Like the sea goat that represents them, Capricorns are tenacious and persevering, and will never quit until they reach the mountaintop. They gravitate towards anything practical and high quality, but they’ve also got a great sense of humor. A personalized calendar featuring their fur baby would be appreciated, or anything that is impeccably made and lovely to look at.

Gifts for Capricorn or Capricorn rising:

  • Make a personalized calendar with their fur baby or pics of their BFFs for a gift that will make them simultaneously laugh and cry.

  • Shea Brand’s sumptuous Rose Shea Butter smells wonderful and your Capricorn mother is sure to love the fact that it’s super versatile!

  • A high-quality, handcrafted tote bag will remind them of your friendship for years to come.


Element: Air

Symbol: Water Bearer

Planetary ruler: Uranus

Forward thinking and always moving, Aquarians march to the beat of their own drum. Independent yet collectively conscious (you’ll be extremely hard-pressed to find your Aquarius friend doesn’t have a social cause or many), they’ll dig a present that gives back, or anything that makes a bold, unique statement. Aquarius’ have lovely, friendly personalities, but they can be very assertive! They are excellent conversationalists and are unafraid to share their opinions.

Gifts for Aquarius or Aquarius rising:

  • These Golden Hour incense cones have a strong, warming scent that is sure to inspire.

  • This handmade jacket is made with discarded fabric scraps and puts money directly into the hands of the makers in Cambodia – your Aquarius Grandmother is sure to love the sentiment AND the statement-making style.

  • A soothing and healing CBD Lip Balm is great for keeping their lips soft and supple through public speaking engagements and deep, late-night conversations alike.


Element: Water

Symbol: Dual Fishes

Planetary ruler: Neptune

Dreamy Pisces is the mermaid of the zodiac and it’s often feelings o’clock with this intuitive, nurturing sign. Like Libras, Pisces are hopelessly romantic and they love to love. Their sweet vibes extend beyond their loved ones to encompass the whole world, as these lovely fishes are extremely generous. Your Pisces girlfriend will appreciate gifts that cast a soft, positive glow over their lives, or anything that brings joy to someone in need.

Gifts for Pisces or Pisces rising:

This article was written by Sabrina Chun for Shea Brand.

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