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Can Skincare Expire?

October 9, 2020 | somebody


Can skincare expire?

Have you ever found yourself picking up an old lip balm or lotion and wondering if it’s gone bad or if you can still use it? Chances are that product, like most skincare products, has no expiration or best by date marked on the packaging. That is because regulations in the US does not require skincare brands to put expiration dates on their products. But the reality is, skincare products and makeup can and do expire*.

Most skincare products out there contain chemical stabilizers and have a shelf life of 2-4 years. If your product is older than 4 years we like to say the safe bet is to toss it or repurpose the packaging. Natural products, on the other hand, have traditionally shorter shelf lives (most ranging from 1-2 years).

Shebrand uses Vitamin E and Leucidal which are both naturally derived to preserve their products which gives them a shelf life of 2+ years. Past that two year mark the products are still very much usable although you may notice a slight change in consistency or smell. Our Rose Shea Butter for example might not smell as florally as it did when you first opened it and the shea butter may develop a bit of graininess. Do not fear, nothing bad will happen and no effects will be compromised, if you use it pass the two year mark but the experience may not be as pleasurable.

To preserve your products longer and extend their shelf life make sure to do some of the steps below:

  • Keep them out of direct sunlight
  • Keep them at room temperature
  • Keep away from moisture (your room is a safer place to keep them than your bathroom)
  • Wash your hands before dipping your fingers into that jar of lotion or better yet, use a spatula. We use our hands A LOT and touch a lot of stuff, you don’t want any of those germs or dust to get into your skincare!


If you have products around your house you suspect have expired you can always get a little crafty and reuse them for a different purpose – we love this article from the Hindustan Times about different ways to reuse old products:




*Skincare products exclude sunscreens or prescription medications/ointments; those are required have expiration dates.

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