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How Do Transdermal Patches Work (CBD)?

July 1, 2022 | Keval

how do transdermal patches work

How do transdermal patches work? This is a question we get a lot – and today, we’re going to provide an in-depth explanation on how our transdermal CBD patches work to provide rapid relief.

Whenever you’re experiencing aches and pains, what you’re really after is fast relief. There is an overwhelming amount of products on the market today that claim to ease your pain and help you to feel more like yourself in no time. But more often than not, you are left disappointed from trying new product after new product and still suffering from the same symptoms. 

From treating aches and pains to improving mobility and promoting overall wellness, wearing CBD transdermal patches has proven to be an effective way for people to feel their best and experience life-changing relief. With natural and scientifically-proven healing capabilities, there’s a reason why so many today are turning to this product. 

So, how fast do transdermal patches work, and what’s the science behind them? Continue reading as we dive into each of these questions and many others you may have. But before that, let’s cover what exactly a transdermal CBD patch is. 

What Is A Transdermal CBD Patch?

As the name suggests, this product is a patch that adheres to the skin and contains CBD, which administers the substance directly into the bloodstream through the skin where it’s applied. Sounds a bit crazy, sure. But it really works – as we’ll cover in the next section.

Though transdermal patches are nothing new, the use of CBD in these patches is one of the latest ways to administer this powerhouse, healing cannabinoid. Now with a better understanding of what this product is, you still might be questioning how do transdermal CBD patches work and how effective are they. So, let’s dig into these topics in more detail below 

Do Transdermal CBD Patches Really Work?

The good news is that yes–this product really does work! How fast do transdermal patches work and how do transdermal CBD patches work are completely different questions that we will address shortly. But, we want to make it clear that transdermal CBD patches do in fact provide quick relief, and are highly effective in treating pain and mobility issues. 

So to really help you gain an understanding of how do transdermal patches work, let’s take a look at some of the scenarios where they can be useful. 

Using CBD Transdermal Patches For Pain

The first use case for a CBD transdermal patch that we’ll discuss here is when people use them to treat pain in their bodies. Aches and pains can be debilitating, but with an effective solution like a CBD transdermal patch, users can address their joint, nerve, and muscle pain throughout each day. While CBD engages with the receptors responsible for inflammation, it can help to calm nerves and reduce swelling in problem areas, easing the symptoms of pain. 

Using CBD Transdermal Patches For Mobility

On a similar note, many people experiencing tighter joints and mobility issues find that CBD transdermal patches are beneficial in treating their symptoms and increasing their range of motion. So even though our bodies tend to slow down as we age, using a transdermal CBD patch can help to loosen up your joints and reduce spasticity, inflammation, and pain from low mobility. 

Other Potential Uses Of Transdermal CBD Patches

Aside from being used to improve mobility and reduce pain, transdermal CBD patches have been noted to improve a number of other conditions. Going along with inflammation, CBD is effective in treating a number of inflammatory skin conditions, including dermatitis, rheumatic diseases, and epidermolysis bullosa. 

How Do Transdermal Patches Work (CBD)?

With a better understanding of what transdermal CBD patches are and what ailments they can help with, we can now discuss the science behind this product and why it is so effective. When considering the following points, you’ll no longer have to wonder how do transdermal CBD patches work and how they stand out from other CBD products. 

As we mentioned above, these patches are placed directly on the skin, allowing whatever substance it contains, which is CBD in this instance, to be administered directly into the body. Oftentimes, the patch will also be infused with other oils, gels, or solutions to enhance skin permeation and allow the CBD to get into the bloodstream. 

Going further, the high concentration of CBD in the patch and the low concentration on the skin drives the CBD molecules to spread out into their surrounding areas in order to find an equilibrium. This is similar to when you’re looking at a hot cup of coffee with steam rolling off of it. Since the surrounding air is cooler than the liquid in the cup, the heat is transferred from the hot coffee to the cold air until they’re at the same room temperature. 

Administering CBD through a transdermal patch can be beneficial because this application method bypasses the liver, stomach, and lungs. Thus, the CBD cannabinoid can be permeated directly into the bloodstream rather than being broken down by each of these organs and treated as waste like when taking CBD orally. So when using a transdermal patch, you are making the CBD highly bioavailable to treat your symptoms by not having to be processed by the major organs. 

How Fast Do Transdermal Patches Work?

One of the draws of using a transdermal CBD patch over other forms of CBD is how quickly it begins to work, given that it’s administered directly into the bloodstream. So, how long do transdermal patches take to work? You can be certain that it doesn’t take long until you begin feeling its effects. Most experts point out that you can begin to feel symptoms improving just 30 minutes after applying the patch to your skin. How’s that for rapid relief? 

Now, there is a different but perhaps more important question at hand – how long do these transdermal patches provide relief for? Let’s take a look.

How Long Do Transdermal Patches Provide Effects For?

So now that you know how fast do transdermal patches work, we can discuss how long they can provide relief for. Our transdermal CBD patch offers long-lasting results and can provide relief for up to 8 hours! With time-release technology that provides hours of therapeutic effects, transdermal CBD patches require no midday maintenance. 

While many other methods of taking CBD require additional doses mere hours after the first one, that is not the case with our transdermal CBD patch. This makes them convenient for all-day use and makes them more discreet, too. Apply the transdermal CBD patch to your skin in the morning, and you’re ready for a full day of pain relief and improved mobility. 

Quick Tips For Using CBD Transdermal Patches

So now that you know what these patches are and how long do transdermal patches take to work, let’s take a look at some of the other tips and tricks to using this product that will provide you with the best results. 

Choose The Right Brand & Product

Not all patches are created equal. For the best transdermal CBD patches, stick with Somebody. Backed by science and designed to mediate homeostasis, connectivity, and healing in the body, our transdermal CBD patches are known to address pain and mobility issues in users. 

Providing CBD directly into the bloodstream, our transdermal CBD patches offer fast-acting symptom relief that can last all day long without any additional dosages or midday adjustments like other CBD products require. 

Apply The Patch Carefully

Just as it’s important to choose the right CBD patch, it’s equally as important to apply the patch carefully to your skin to see your desired results. What makes a good patch so effective is its strong adhesive properties that adhere to your skin despite rigorous daily activities. But this also means that once it’s on–it’s on, and there’s little you can do to adjust it without ruining the patch. Take the time to apply your patch with care – and thank us later, when you don’t have to rip it off and waste another patch!

Remove The Patch After 8 Hours or Sooner

As we mentioned above, the strong adhesives used on a transdermal CBD patch help to ensure that you’re getting the full 8 hours of CBD administered into your bloodstream. But it can also be tricky to take off at the end of the day. To help prevent the patch from getting stuck on your skin, make sure you’re taking it off after you’ve worn it for 8 hours, or even sooner if you wish. Any longer, it will become more difficult to remove. 

The good news is that you can apply oils, exfoliators, or rubbing alcohol to the patch to help it release from the skin if you’re having trouble. Learn more tips on how to remove a transdermal patch in our in-depth blog post.

How Do Transdermal Patches Work? Wrapping Things Up

So, if you were wondering what CBD patches are and how long do transdermal patches take to work, you now have a better idea of how patches differ from other CBD products. With faster-acting relief and longer-lasting effects than many other CBD products, it’s no surprise why so many are relying on transdermal CBD patches to help improve their mobility and ease their pain. 

When it comes to choosing the best transdermal CBD patch, look no further than Somebody. With a science-backed formula that aims to provide life-enhancing relief for all, we are on a mission to redefine wellness and help others find the connection between their mind, bodies, and communities. Visit our site to enhance your own self-care today. 

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