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How to Use Witch Hazel on Face: Step by Step Guide

October 5, 2022 | Keval

how to use witch hazel on face for acne

If you’ve heard about the powerful effects witch hazel astringent can offer, you probably want to get in on the fun yourself. But – how do you use witch hazel, exactly?

The last thing you want to do is waste your precious product through improper use – or worse. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. Take a deep breath, get out your pen and paper, and prepare to learn all about how to use witch hazel on the face!

This in-depth article will talk all about how to use witch hazel for acne and general skin care. You’ll learn why you should add this mysterious product to your arsenal, what else it can be used for, when to use it, and how to actually go about using it. Towards the end, we’ll even let you in on a little skincare secret to help you unlock the healthiest, most glowing skin of your life. You’re not going to want to miss this one…

But, before we get into all that, we want to start with a brief overview of the product in general. If you’re new to witch hazel, read on below as we detail what exactly it is – and what it can do for you.

A Brief Overview of Witch Hazel

What exactly is witch hazel? We’re glad you asked! This is a natural astringent that comes from the bark and leaves of the witch hazel shrub. The extract is used to make a liquid or ointment that is applied to the skin. Sometimes, you’ll find the product in spray form – this particular delivery method offers the ultimate efficiency and efficacy.

The active ingredients in witch hazel are tannins, which are plant-based substances that have an astringent effect on the skin. Witch hazel can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions, including acne, sunburn, eczema, and rosacea. It can also be used to reduce inflammation and swelling. The effects this little plant-based product offer on your skincare routine and overall well-being are tremendous.

Witch hazel is available as an over-the-counter (OTC) product and can be found in pharmacies and online stores. However, to unlock all the benefits this powerful concoction has to offer, you need the best of the best. And that’s exactly what we’re going to show you at the end – so you won’t have to worry about what you’re buying. You can enjoy peace of mind by adding our spray to your regimen. 

Not so fast, though – we’ve barely begun the discussion at hand today! Let’s move on to a question we see asked all the time – what can I use witch hazel for?

What Can I Use Witch Hazel for?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can use witch hazel for. We just touched on a few of these above, in fact. However, we want to explore all the possibilities down below to help you gain a better understanding of why so many men and women are introducing this incredible product to their routine:

  • Acne Treatment: One of the most common – and beloved – uses for witch hazel is as an acne treatment. The astringent properties of the tannins help to dry out pimples and reduce inflammation. Witch hazel can also help to unclog pores and prevent future breakouts from occurring.
  • Toothpaste Substitute: If you’re looking for a toothpaste substitute, look no further than witch hazel. It can be used to clean teeth and gums, remove plaque, and even whiten teeth. Talk about a multi-tasking product!
  • Sunburn Relief: Witch hazel is a natural way to provide relief from sunburns. The extract helps to cool and soothe the skin, providing much-needed relief from the pain and inflammation associated with sunburns.
  • Eczema Treatment: Witch hazel is also effective in treating eczema. The anti-inflammatory properties of the tannins help to reduce redness, itching, and swelling associated with this condition.
  • Rosacea Treatment: Rosacea is a skin condition that causes facial redness, flushing, and acne-like breakouts. Witch hazel can help to soothe the skin and improve complexion by reducing inflammation.

As you can see, there are endless possibilities when it comes to what you can use witch hazel for. But how do you use witch hazel, exactly? We’ll discuss that in more detail below.

How to Use Witch Hazel on the Face for Acne & Overall Skincare Health

Now that we’ve answered the question “what can I use witch hazel for?”, it’s time to move on to how to actually use it. First things first – let’s start with a basic overview of when to use witch hazel to the face. Then, we’ll get into the nitty gritty details of actually applying the product topically.

When to Use Witch Hazel on the Face

You want to make sure that you know when to use witch hazel on the face. After all, the order in which this product falls into your existing skincare routine is incredibly important. Fortunately, we’ll explain all that you need to know:

Witch hazel can be used on the face as often as needed. However, we recommend using it no more than twice per day – once in the morning and once at night. If you have sensitive skin, start by using witch hazel once per day to see how your skin reacts. You can always increase the frequency if needed. Now – where does it fall in the pecking order of your skincare routine, exactly?

Witch hazel should be used after cleansing and before moisturizing. This is an important step to follow, as witch hazel helps to remove any last traces of dirt, oil, and makeup from the face. It also helps to prepare the skin for the absorption of moisturizers and other treatments.

How to Use Witch Hazel for Acne Cleansing: Three Different Methods

There are a few different ways that you can apply witch hazel on the face: with a cotton ball, with a spray bottle, or with a cloth. We’ll explain each method below:

  • Cotton Ball Method: soak a cotton ball in witch hazel extract and apply it to your face. Gently rub the cotton ball over your skin, taking care to avoid contact with your eyes.
  • Spray Bottle Method: fill a spray bottle with witch hazel extract and spritz it onto your face. Avoid spraying it directly into your eyes. This is our preferred approach because it prevents you from having to rub your skin as you would with the other two methods – which could lead to an unbalanced application or pore clogging. To make things even easier/more effective, seek out a witch hazel spray (more on this later).
  • Cloth Method: pour witch hazel extract into a bowl and dip a cloth into it. Wring out the excess liquid and then apply the cloth to your face. Gently rub the cloth over your skin in circular motions.

Before applying witch hazel to your face, make sure you cleanse your skin first. This will help remove any dirt, oil, or makeup that could prevent the product from being effective. We recommend using a gentle cleanser like our invigorating face wash

As we mentioned earlier, this product should come after cleansing, before moisturizing. And beyond just knowing when and how to use witch hazel on face, you need to ensure you have the right products in your arsenal!

Make Sure You’re Using the Best Witch Hazel Possible!

Now that we’ve taught you how to use witch hazel, we want to leave you with one final tip for getting the most out of this product. We know you’re eager to start enjoying the benefits this skincare essential can offer. However, don’t be quick to just grab any product at your local store or whatever pops up first online. You need a safe, quality, concentrated witch hazel astringent spray. And at Somebody, that’s exactly what you’ll find!

Our product is carefully crafted from the branches and flowers of the witch hazel tree. We use the same formulation that our ancestors have used for centuries to calm inflammation, sanitize wounds, and neutralize acne-causing oils in the skin. With our product in your skincare routine, you can watch blackheads diminish as dirt and grime are gently pulled from your pores.

And, it comes in three delicious scents: Lavender, Teafruit, and Rose! All of them smell incredible and leave a lasting therapeutic effect on your skin.

You can shop now with peace of mind knowing you’re getting the best of the best. Our formulation will exceed your expectations. And, you don’t just have to take our word for it – here are a few of the many reviews we’ve earned from people like you who took a chance on us:

“I feel like this company does the real work of actually taking the time and effort to create natural, quality, and effective products. Grateful and hope it stays this way forever. So many people have commented on how the sprays do not compare to other brands and completely agree. I have friends coming on over to Somebody now. That’s how you know your products are making a difference. Thank you!” – Ronelle T.

“Incredible scent. Bracing and cleansing but not harsh.” – Arthur L.

“I adore this spritz! It smells amazing and makes my skin feel divine! The bottle is gorgeous and it’s a great price so I feel okay about using it frequently! I would recommend this product to anyone and honestly can’t imagine ever using another toner again!” Garrett J.

Final Thoughts on How to Use Witch Hazel on the Face

There you have it – how to use witch hazel on the face for acne and general skin care. At this point, you should feel confident in grabbing your first bottle and introducing this incredible product into your skincare regimen. When you see the early results after a few weeks of consistent, proper use, you’ll be glad you did!

And, the best part is that using our witch hazel on the face is easy. Just spritz yourself a few times a day as needed and let the product works its magic in your pores!

At Somebody, you’ll find other incredible wellness and skincare products to supercharge your health and well-being. Take a look at our CBD headache roller, CBD transdermal patch, CBD oil lip balm, and all our other essentials today!

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