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How To Remove Your CBD Patch

May 25, 2020 | somebody

Ouch! The patch is Stuck! What now?

One of the great advantages of our patches is that they are made out of fabric and not plastic. This allows our patches to not only be flexible and durable but it also allows for breathability; all three things which you do not get with plastic patches.

Because we want to ensure these patches stay on you through the whole day, we use strong long-lasting adhesive so you can be sure they won’t come off before you get the full 8 hours of CBD delivery.

With strong adhesive comes strong staying power. The way we like to explain the way these fabric patches feel is by comparing them to old school fabric bandaids. We all loved those bandaids but sometimes they could be a pain to take off. The same thing might happen with our patches. We recommend not taking any hot showers, going swimming, or bathing with the patches on. Moisture can transfer the adhesive to the skin making it more difficult to remove the patch.


This is why we have compiled some easy solutions to help you remove the patches if they don’t want to leave your side.


1. Apply a hand sanitizer high in alcohol content like our 4oz Sanitizing Spray, rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover on the area to loosen up the adhesive (we’ve had great success using our 4oz  our witch hazels). This solution should be used cautiously as alcohol can dry out the skin. Make sure to follow up with some moisturizer or shea butter  to replenish the lipids in that area.



2. Use an oil such as coconut oil, baby oil or mineral oil to help remove your patch. If you find that your patch is sticking to you skin or hurts to remove, coat the whole bandage area, let sit for 15 minutes and then gently remove the patch. If there is adhesive residue left on your skin let the oil soak and use a cotton pad or wash cloth to help remove the residue.



3. An exfoliator will aid in removing the sticky residue. Our Electric Daisy Exfoliator works or simply add rice, flour, salt or sugar to some coconut oil and gently exfoliate the area for a DIY alternative.




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