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Celebrate Pride With Quotes From Inspiring Queer Creatives in New York

May 27, 2021 | somebody

PRIDE started as a riot, which soon turned into an uprising. Today, #pride has become a global movement, with people coming together for vigils and celebrations that continue to stand up against hate and shame by spreading a message of love, dignity, and community.⁠ This month is not simply about a rainbow flag but is about standing up and lifting up those who have been silenced and oppressed.

Here’s our 2019  campaign which showcased 4 LGBTQIA+ creatives dedicated to celebrating identity, expression, and beauty of all kinds  @reignofdynasty @whoiszenobia @itsjovel @drizzythekitty


“I love my smile because it has the power to make other people happy.”

This is Andrew Nguyen, otherwise known as Dynasty. She is a drag artist and a writer working for NY Magazine’s @thecut.

“I do what I do because telling stories is one of my biggest passions – whether it’s telling my own stories through my drag performance or telling other people’s stories as a writer. Stories help us empathize with each other and ultimately lead us to love each other, and that is my ultimate passion; love!”


“Even though it’s tough sometimes, I love my body. It allows me to dance and move, to think and express and create with autonomy.”

Meet Zenobia, a performer, actress, model, DJ, and dog walker based in Brooklyn. She is a Black, trans-nonbinary girl who is passionate about creating.⁠

“In addition to my work and creativity, I’m also super passionate about self-care, setting boundaries, self-respect, and respect in general.”⁠


“Identity and acceptance are probably some of the hardest things I’ve had to struggle with in my life. I’ve fought so hard to be where I’m at today, but at the end of the day life is just too short for me not to stand in my truth.”

This is Jovel, a model and LGBTQIA+ advocate who is passionate about freedom and storytelling. Jovel loves fashion, and they get excited about incorporating activism into their work in the modeling world.⁠

“I feel my best when I’m in the process of getting ready. That’s when I feel at peace and my most feminine, and I love the whole process because it is where I have the space to fully express myself.”⁠


“Learn to love yourself as a whole, including your flaws. Dress them up, flaunt them, praise them! Do so until you learn to love them and no longer feel ashamed by them. We are all beautifully different and were born loving ourselves, we must regain this love. Because if you accept yourself, you will always be accepted.”⁠

This is Drizzy, who is also known as Kitty! She is an all around creative who can do anything as long as it’s hands-on and is currently working in modeling, design, styling, and hair & makeup.⁠

“I am a calm, positive, and understanding soul with a wild, fun side. I stand for and am passionate about the individual, the person who has learned who they are and is unapologetically themselves at all costs.”⁠

Photography: @evazar
Makeup: @duchessnatalia
Styling: @_mwb

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