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Shea Brand’s Top 8 Beauty Must-Haves for Travel

August 28, 2019 | sheabrand

Finding travel-sized beauty products made with sustainable ingredients and plastic free packaging is no easy feat, but with the long Labor Day weekend on our minds, we pulled together a few of our favorite travel products. These picks are not only from all eco-friendly beauty brands, but are also TSA-compatible, making them our must-have beauty products for travel!

  1. Osea Mini Ocean Cleanser ($18): Long, stressful travel days can take quite a toll on your skin. That’s why we love this Ocean Cleanser from Osea. Not only does it gently cleanse and balance your skin, all of the ingredients are vegan and biodegradable.
  2. Oil + Water Herbal Clay Mask ($44): For longer trips we like to bring along a mask to keep up with our regular skincare routine and carve out time for relaxation. This mask has a therapeutic smell and it gently brightens skin and sloughs dead cells away – perfect for recovering from a long haul flight! We love that it comes dry so we can mix it ourselves once we’ve reached our destination.
  3. Meow Meow Tweet Lavender Coconut Milk Shampoo Bar ($12): This paper-packaged soap bar is the ultimate answer to those annoying mini plastic squeeze bottles that travel hair care products come in. The smell is amazing, it leaves our hair feeling silky smooth, and the entire product and package are fully biodegradable! Perfect for everything from hotel stays to backpacking trips, this bar can be cut up into smaller sizes to fit into your travel bag for any destination.
  4. EiR Surf Mud Pro Sunscreen Stick ($30): This water-resistant and reef-safe sun stick features a clever blend of biodegradable ingredients in a travel-ready, 100% compostable container. A perfect accessory for any eco-minded traveler!

And we’d be remiss not to include a couple of Shea Brand favorites that are perfect to have on hand when you’re away from home! These are our favorite Shea Brand products for travel:

  1. Shea Brand Mini Cucumber Hydrosol ($14): Our favorite face spray is cooling, refreshing, and invigorating. This Mini Cucumber Hydrosol spray bottle is perfectly sized to fit in your purse or backpack, and it’s under the TSA liquids limit so go ahead and carry it on! We never leave home without it because it is the perfect pick-me-up on a hot or stressful afternoon. Just a spritz of this will give you a hit of hydration, tighten your pores, and soothe your mind.
  2. Shea Brand Mini Lavender Shea Butter ($11): When it comes to skincare, there is no ingredient we worship more than shea butter (in case you couldn’t tell from our name!). This mini lavender shea butter is perfect for popping in your pocket so that it’s on hand for any of your skin’s needs – from moisturizing dry skin and chapped lips, to calming sunburns, cuts, and bug bites. The mini size is perfect for travel or going back-to-school!
  3. Shea Brand CBD Natural Pain Reliever ($30): When we’re traveling, we always search for products that do double duty so as to save space in our bag. This blend of shea butter and CBD is perfect for tackling dry skin and inflammation as well as local muscle & joint pain. And the tin is durable, so it will survive even your most wild adventures 😉
  4. Shea Brand CBD Headache Roller ($49): There’s nothing worse than a headache de-railing plans while traveling. We made this little roller perfectly pocket or purse sized so you can take it with you anywhere in the world – whether that’s a beautiful beachside sunset, or your commute to & from school/work!

While it sometimes requires a little extra research, there is a whole world of beauty products out there that are not only beneficial and effective, but also eco-friendly. When doing research on your own, don’t forget to check the brand’s history, packaging, certifications, and ingredient list to make sure it is following through on its promises! By buying eco-friendly beauty products and supporting brands making a difference, we can all help make an impact for the better, all around the world.

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