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Designed for athletes and gym-goers of all caliber, the Athlete Roller is invigorating, tingly, and cooling to the touch. Roll it on sore or tense muscles, achy joints, swollen areas, and anywhere that needs soothing – and let it do its thing!


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I love the product and it helped relieve a strange pain in my right arm from elbow to wrist. I would get a sharp pain when I laid my arm down on any surface. After use for about 3 weeks, it has gone away. Now trying it on bursitis.
Iris M.Verified Buyer of Athlete Roller
Great roller for those painful
Achy areas. I used on my lower pain as I get pain when standing for long periods of time. It was gone in minutes.
Christina C.Verified Buyer of Athlete Roller
The Best! I am so impressed with this product. I started using it at night rubbing it on my wrist. About a week later I noticed I no longer had wrist pain from a severe sports injury several years ago. I bought the product for general wellness for myself. My son was suffering with a repeat outbreak of shingles. I called the company to find out which productRead more about review stating The best! would work the best for him. They recommended do you ointment so I sent it to him right away. He reported about a week later the pain and busters we’re gone and then he could sleep again. I am a lifelong, loyal customer. Thank you for all you do.
Erin W.Verified Buyer of Muscle, Joint & Skin Balm
My husband had a knee replacement and he gets restless leg often. The CBD balm works wonders. I pulled a glute muscle and suffered for days and then remembered the CBD balm. I put it on that night and in the morning it was like it never happened. Also, my order came quickly and was packed in a really cute reusable drawstring bag.
Tracy S.Verified Buyer of Muscle, Joint & Skin Balm