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Learning the Hard Way: Marie’s Face Routine

October 15, 2020 | somebody

Remember waking up as a newly sprouted teenager, pumped up with all sorts of new awkward hormones just to find out that on top of all of the angst and social uncomfortableness in the world, your skin was breaking out?! 

I do.

I remember learning photoshop in high school just so I could edit the pimples off my forehead in my senior yearbook portrait. My skin was sensitive to the often micro-bead infused face washes that were popular in the early 2000s. What actually ended up working best for me was not to wash my face at all. At night I would gently remove my makeup and then splash cold water on my face and I would call it a day.

Me circa 2007

This routine worked well for me until I moved to New York City and started working in the fashion industry. Being surrounded by stylists and all the new makeup products at one of my internships I started taking an interest in preventative skincare. I was only in my early 20s but the beauty world had gotten to me and installed a fear of aging in me. This lead me to purchase all of the anti wrinkle creams, serums and potions out there. 

Somehow, even though I cared about my skin deeply I never got around to what is debatably the most important skincare step of all. Sunscreen. I always loved the freckles on my nose and cheeks which the sun would bring out in full force. I liked the way my face looked a little sun kissed and even though I would of course put on sunscreen on my face at the beach or on hikes, I definitely did not apply it daily. 

It wasn’t until I noticed a slightly raised red patch on my nose that had been lingering for a couple of months that I started worrying. I went to the dermatologist and confirmed my fear- the spot was pre-cancerous. The dermatologist froze that raised patch and then told me that I was “way too young to be having these types of scares” and that I needed to be “taking sunscreen way more seriously.” So I to this day I never go a day without applying sunscreen on my face, even the days when it’s overcast or the days I don’t step foot outside. 


Nowadays, every morning I wake up and spray some Lavender Witch Hazel on my face and let it dry, I then spray a Hydrosol (these days it’s jasmine) on my face and while it’s still damp I apply a light face cream containing vitamin C, followed by two drops of our Electric Daisy Serum with CBD and then spf 30 (these days I like the Glossier sunscreen because it’s completely clear and fast absorbing and most importantly it doesn’t make me break out). Fun fact: CBD helps with acne! I make sure to reapply sunscreen mid day and when I’m out and about I bring my sunscreen with me and reapply as often as I can remember – making sure to wash my hands before I do so.

electric Daisy Face Mask

At night I wash my face with a gentle non comedogenic face wash and then spray my clean face with our Cucumber Hydrosol and apply a face oil (the local brand I purchased my face oil from just closed so I’m on the hunt for a replacement). Once a week I will exfoliate followed by a face mask with our Electric Daisy line – I love that day because I notice how much brighter and dewier my skin looks. 

While being carefully curated you should still allow flexibility within your routine and leave yourself space to adapt to the changing whether and life and allow yourself to try new products.

Life’s a journey and so is your skincare routine.

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