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Micellar Water vs Witch Hazel: Which is Better for Your Skincare Routine?

January 4, 2023 | Keval

Micellar Water vs Witch Hazel

If you’ve made it a new year’s resolution to overhaul your skincare routine and introduce more natural products to your collection, then you’ve come to the right place. 

But, it can still be confusing to consider all the options that are available to you and select the one that will give you the baby-soft skin you’ve always dreamed of having. With that in mind, some of the main products that you may see recommended are micellar water and witch hazel. 

So, is there really a difference between witch hazel vs micellar water, and which one is better? Continue reading through this guide as we lay out the main things that set micellar water vs witch hazel apart, and which one will give your skin new life. 

Micellar Water vs Witch Hazel: Explaining the Benefits of Each Skincare Product

Before we can say which is better, witch hazel or micellar water, we need to discuss what each product does individually. Then, we can compare witch hazel vs micellar water with more clarity. 

What is Micellar Water?

Micellar water is a skincare product that has quickly grown in popularity in the skincare world. It is made from purified water, as the name might suggest, and also includes moisturizers like glycerin and mild surfactants to provide your skin with a good, deep clean. 

What makes micellar water so effective at cleaning out your pores is that the molecules of the liquid form micelles, which is a round chemical structure that can easily cleanse the skin. 

People like micellar water for its cleansing and toning properties, and that it is so effective at cleansing without containing alcohol. In sum, micellar water helps hydrate your skin will cutting down on irritation and inflammation in the applied area.

What is Witch Hazel?

Now we can discuss what witch hazel is and what are the benefits of witch hazel on skin

Witch hazel is a natural healing substance that is derived from the witch hazel plant. The leaves and bark of the plant are distilled down to create a solution that helps treat inflammation, irritation, and tone the skin. 

Given the tannins present in witch hazel, it acts as an astringent that tightens the skin and shrinks the appearance of pores. Plus, the antioxidants in witch hazel help cleanse the skin and kill bacteria to help treat and prevent breakouts from occurring. 

There is a wide possibility for use cases with witch hazel on the skin, like neutralizing oils, diminishing blackheads, treating bug bites, hemorrhoids, herpes, varicose veins, and more. 

For more information on what witch hazel can be used for and how to apply it, check out our other guides:  

Which is Better – Witch Hazel or Micellar Water? 

Now that you know a little bit more about these substances–we can now answer which is better: witch hazel or micellar water. 

Which is More Gentle & Safe?

Both products are highly safe to use and have been proven to be beneficial for the skin, though people with different skin types may find one more gentle than the other. 

For people who already have oily skin, some micellar water products will leave a leftover residue that can make the skin even more oily and clog up pores. On the other hand, people with highly dry skin may find that the alcohol present in witch hazel exacerbates these conditions. 

So, you can feel confident that both witch hazel and micellar water are safe on the skin, though you may choose one over the other depending on the type of skin you have and where you’re going to apply it. 

Which is More Versatile?

Of the two, witch hazel is the more versatile product. Not only can it be used on the face to clean out pores, but it can also be used on a number of other skin ailments throughout the body like hemorrhoids, herpes, varicose veins, bug bites, and more. 

Which is More Affordable?

Is witch hazel or micellar water more affordable? In most cases, these two products are pretty comparable when it comes to price. 

Of course, you may want to spend a little more for each product to get the best quality brands, though neither one will break the bank or is much more expensive than the other. 

So, Which is Better: Witch Hazel vs Micellar Water?

When you put the two products up next to each other, it’s easy to see how they’re both fantastic substances that can provide your skin with a lot of benefits when applied. 

But while they stack up on safety and affordability, there’s clearly no question about which product is more versatile and has greater use cases on the body. 

Witch hazel can be used beyond the face, which is where micellar water is mostly used. With antioxidant and astringent properties, witch hazel is a natural remedy for many of our bodies’ pesky skin ailments. And not only does it clean out the pores on your face, but it can shrink them and prevent future breakouts, too. 

Can You Use Both Witch Hazel and Micellar Water?

Though the two products accomplish some of the same skincare goals like neutralizing oils and reducing redness and inflammation, you should probably choose one or the other. 

Even though they’re both naturally-derived products, using them both in the same routine could be too much for your skin to handle and end up drying out the treated area. Essentially, using both at the same time could overly strip your skin of the natural oils it needs to stay regulated and moisturized. 

So, opt for one of the two products–not both. Again, given that witch hazel is so much more versatile, it ends up being the better choice if you’re choosing between the two. 

Ready to Experience the Magic of Witch Hazel Yourself?

As you can see, there are many reasons why you’d choose witch hazel over micellar water, but to really see the best results, you need to discover the best witch hazel to buy

Somebody’s witch hazel astringent spray is highly effective at treating wounds, reducing redness and inflammation on the skin, and more. Plus, we utilize a centuries-old formula that has been trusted by many civilizations to naturally treat a wide range of skin conditions. 

If you’re wondering what is witch hazel spray, it’s simply our quality witch hazel formula that comes in a convenient spray bottle that can be easily applied all over the body. After using our spray and seeing all that it can do for your skin, you’ll have no questions about whether you should have used micellar water or not. 

Final Thoughts on Micellar Water vs Witch Hazel

Clearly, both micellar water and witch hazel can accomplish a lot for your skin, but there’s no question that witch hazel is the better choice when comparing the two. 

A natural astringent that can be used as a toner and to treat a number of different skin issues you may experience, witch hazel has been around for centuries, and will continue to be relied on for years to come. 

For the best witch hazel, go for Somebody’s witch hazel spray. Available in a number of different scents for some added aromatherapy, we’ve maximized the wellness boost that this product can provide you with. 

But we don’t just have amazing witch hazel products. We also have others like our CBD headache roller, CBD joint and muscle balm, and CBD transdermal patch to help you naturally treat pains and aches wherever they’re at to calm your nerves and feel like your best self. Shop Somebody today for all your natural wellness needs. 

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