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Transdermal Patch Placement: Where to Apply CBD Patch for the Best Results

July 19, 2022 | Keval

transdermal patch placement: where to apply cbd patch

Are you wondering where to apply your CBD patch for the best results? Not sure which transdermal patch placement is right for your unique needs and body? You’ve come to the right place! 

Constantly struggling with irritating and uncomfortable pain can be overwhelming. That’s why many use CBD transdermal patches to achieve quick relief from nagging pain. And in this article, we’re going to go over the best placements for your CBD transdermal patch to help you achieve fast relief and start feeling better, day in and day out! First – what exactly is a transdermal CBD patch? 

What Exactly is a Transdermal CBD Patch?

A transdermal CBD patch is a patch containing CBD. It is administered to the skin, where the CBD enters the bloodstream through your pores. Transdermal patches are not new to the world, but the creation of CBD patches is one of the newest improvisations to this healing modality. 

As seen in our post on how transdermal CBD patches work, these incredible products provide rapid relief from pain, stiffness, and more. And as you continue reading you’ll learn prime transdermal patch placement for the best results. 

Why Transdermal CBD Patch Placement is so Important

To obtain the best results from this powerful product, transdermal patch placement is an essential instruction that should be observed.

A transdermal CBD patch is designed to stick to the skin with its strong adhesive properties. It shouldn’t disturb you or come off while you go about your daily activities. If the patch isn’t placed carefully, you’re essentially wasting the product. 

Another aspect to be cautious of for transdermal patch placement is that when the patch is on, it’s on until its job is done. They’re meant to be powerfully adhesive to prevent falling off, so you won’t be able to make adjustments once it’s been placed on your skin. 

That’s why we recommend applying your transdermal CBD patch with care along with learning where to apply CBD patch for the best results. To prevent a patch from being wasted or having it in an uncomfortable spot, proper transdermal patch placement should not be overlooked! 

Will CBD Transdermal Patches Work On Fatty Areas?

Will CBD transdermal patches work on fatty areas? This is a question we get often. We recommend not placing your CBD patch placement on a fatty area. Though the patch can still work when placed on fatty areas, it won’t be effective. This is because areas that have thick layers of fat tissue or dense skin decrease the efficiency of absorbency of the patch product. There is more for the CBD to work through before it enters your bloodstream.

If you’re wondering where may be the best CBD patch placement, we recommend you continue reading below to find your answer! 

Transdermal Patch Placement: Where to Apply CBD Patch for the Best Results

Of all the places you can apply your transdermal CBD patch, you may be wondering which one provides the best results. That’s why we’ve put together this list of patch placement options to encourage the effectiveness of this powerful product. 

In general, you want to place the patch on the largest area of skin possible – allowing for maximum absorption of the CBD. But where exactly should you put it? Keep reading to learn more about where to apply CBD patch for the best results! 

The Wrist

The wrist is a great CBD patch placement area. It is an ideal location that features access to the blood vessels, which the CBD requires for optimal results. 

Upper Chest

Certain patches are recommended to be placed on the upper chest. This depends on the labeled instructions for the CBD transdermal patch. The upper chest area is closest to the heart, giving the patch quick access to take effect and enter the bloodstream to the heart when placed there. This makes for an optimal CBD patch placement location. 

Upper Outer Arm

Like the upper chest, the upper outer arm is a great CBD patch placement location. Certain patches are highly recommended to be placed there over the lower abdomen or hip, depending on the patch product and what it entails. This placement, like the upper chest, is near the heart. It can result in faster effectiveness of the CBD being released into the bloodstream due to the heart’s job to put oxygen and nutrient-rich blood into the body through the circulatory system, a network of blood vessels. 

The Lower Abdomen

The lower abdomen can be used for placement of the CBD transdermal patch depending on whether the area is fatty or thin. If the lower abdomen has a high concentration of fat it can lower the efficiency of the CBD transdermal patch. 

Hip Joint

The hip joint can be used as a spot to place your CBD transdermal patch. It’s important to note that there is a similarity between this placement point of the hip joint and the lower abdomen. The hip can be a center for excess fat or it can be mild, bony, or thin. If the hip joint area is too fatty, we recommend not placing the CBD transdermal patch at this point to avoid a lowered effectiveness of the patch. 

The Shoulder Blade

The shoulder blade is another placement location that is close to the general location of the heart. This makes it a great spot to stick your CBD transdermal patch as it will have a lesser reach when applied to start working. 

Knee Joint

Joints are a great location for transdermal patch placement. At the joint, there is a thin layer of tissue and fat when compared to spots like the hip joint. Placing the CBD transdermal patch on the knee joint can prove to be an effective spot for the CBD to enter the bloodstream and take effect.

Shoulder Joint

As stated above, joints happen to be an optimal placement location for a CBD transdermal patch. The thin layer of fat, muscle, and tissue can prove to be an effective placement spot for the CBD to enter the bloodstream and provide the best results. 

How to Apply Your CBD Patch Placement Correctly

Now that you know where to apply your CBD patch for quick relief, how do you actually go about doing it? Here is a quick start guide to getting your CBD patch placed correctly.

Step 1: Clean The Skin

Before placing the CBD patch on, the skin needs to be cleaned. Remove any lotions, oils, dirt, or powders on the skin, using warm water or clear soap to clean the area. We recommend avoiding any scented products when cleaning the area.

Once you are done cleaning the spot you’ve chosen for your patch placement, dry the area with a clean towel.

Step 2: Prepare The Patch

Remove the patch from the packaging without damaging it. Follow the instructions, removing any protective liners before placing the patch on your skin.

Step 3: Secure The Patch

Once you’ve picked the location for patch placement, place the sticky side of the patch down onto your clean skin. Press down on the patch with the palm of your hand to secure the patch. Use your fingers to press down on the edges of the patch, ensuring there are no bumps or folds. 

Additional Tips for Getting the Most out of your CBD Patch

Now that you have the information on the best placements for your transdermal CBD patch, along with how to apply it, we recommend checking out these additional tips to get the most out of your CBD patch! 

Tip #1: Choose A High-Quality Brand

Like any item out there, not all products are created equal—the same goes for CBD patches. Providing science-backed products, Somebody boasts the best transdermal CBD patches on the market. In fact, our CBD patches have been designed to mediate homeostasis and connectivity to heal the body. Our patches have been shown to target and address pain and mobility issues as an efficient and effective transdermal method to directly enter the bloodstream for fast-acting symptom relief. 

Tip #2: Follow The Patch Instructions

Make sure to follow the patch instructions for the best results! 

There will be instructions on how long to keep the CBD transdermal patch on. We highly recommend removing the patch after eight hours, if not sooner. If you keep the patch on for longer than eight hours, you may find difficulty in removing the patch from your skin. This may or may not happen. If it does, use rubbing alcohol, oil, or an exfoliator and apply it to the patch to encourage it to unstick from your skin. 

Final Thoughts on Where to Apply CBD Patch for Best Results

As seen above, there are more than a few optimal spots on where to apply CBD patch to encourage the best results. Out of all of the placement options, the outer arm and upper chest are the best locations to apply the CBD patch for optimal effectiveness of this powerful product!

If you’re looking for a high-quality, science-backed product, Somebody’s CBD transdermal patches are the place to buy! Improve mobility and ease pain with this highly effective product that will provide life-enhancing relief. Visit our site today! 

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